Heidi McLaughlin

"K.I.C.K. Your Fear of Horses"

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Heidi McLaughlin, Fearless Rider and ConfidenceLet former fearful rider, Heidi McLaughlin, help you begin your journey into fearless riding.

“There is nothing more frustrating for a ‘horse lover’ than to experience fear! As a former fearful rider, I completely understand your problem because I was ‘you’  when I was stuck in fear for eight years! After discovering the secret to fearless riding (that really works) and fixing myself, I expanded and developed my plan into a step by step method that I now teach others. Once I became a confident horseback rider, I even became a more confident person in life too! ‘The Horse’ gave me the confidence to go out in the world and teach others.”  ~ Heidi McLaughlin

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“K.I.C.K. Your Fear” Clinics

Heidi McLaughlin, Fearless Rider and ConfidenceStudents spend three days learning Heidi's exclusive method of breaking down their fear and building up their confidence. At these clinics, students are taken through a unique process and taught a step-by-step, tangible plan to learn to ride without fear.

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Personalized Coaching Sessions

Heidi McLaughlin, Fearless Rider and ConfidenceCoaching sessions can be in-person or by phone. These consultations are designed to inspire you how not to give up and to develop a step-by-step plan in the privacy of your own home. Receive one on one guidance and motivation from Heidi McLaughlin, who has been in your shoes I knows how frustrated you feel.

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Exclusive Purse Collection

Heidi McLaughlin, Fearless Rider and ConfidenceFearless Rider’s unique collection of purses, pouches and cross-bodies, are personally designed by Heidi McLaughlin for stylish hands-free convenience while riding. We use only hand-selected 100% genuine cowhide and the highest quality leather to ensure the finest product. Each purse is hand-made in the USA.

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Become a Fearless Rider

Tamy Knigge

Fearless Riding Student Tamy Knigge"LIFE CHANGING for me and my horse. We are trail riding; I couldn't do that 3 months ago. She has turned into the best horse ever, which she always was, I just didn't see it. I have grown leaps and bounds! Just finished the beginner and intermediate class, next is on to the advanced class going until the end of August. The best thing I've done for me and my horse. Love this stuff. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to my story."

Christen Woods

Fearless Riding Student Christen Woods"I just wanted say I loved your book and thanked you very much! My fall left my confidence utterly shaken, even the slightest burst of speed would terrify me. Now with the help of your book and my instructors, my fear has faded, and my confidence is slowly returning! Again, thank you so much for your inspiring story and your positive outlook"

Lorie and Mocha

Fearless Rider Student Lorie"I have always had that “inner connection” to the horse, and I am amazed at how well we are tuned into each other. Last week my trainer said; “I had the best ride on your horse the other day. He was not spooky and was really fun to ride.” When I asked her why she thought that was, her reply was; “You are more confident and calm with him now, and that is the horse that I am getting!” It really touched me! You were the final push I needed to do the work. I knew I had it in me, I just needed to make the commitment. Thanks for your encouragement!"


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